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Ounce Gin ‘Bright’ 700ml 44.5% ABV

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Ounce Gin ‘Bright’ is our latest addition to our Ounce Gin Range. It represents a lifted, aromatic, crisp style of gin that provides refreshing takes on classic cocktails and G&Ts.

Ounce Gin ‘Bright’ has a lifted nose of Lime, Mint & Dill with a berry brightness from Rose Petal and Pink Pepper shell. The palate enjoys a deep and lengthy spice profile from Pink Pepper Seed, Cardamom Seed & Nutmeg. This is bolstered with palate breadth from Ginger & Liquorice Root. These botanicals are all supported by a strong traditional base of punchy Juniper, Coriander Seed & Angelica Root.

Sitting 44.5% ABV Ounce Gin ‘Bright’ holds its own in cocktails whilst still retaining a full and vibrant texture. It ensures a pleasing length of the palate is achieved however you may choose to imbibe.