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Honey Gin Limited Release Old Tom

Imperial Measures Distilling

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Honey Gin Limited Release Old Tom

Embark on a journey through time with our Limited Release Honey Gin, a tribute to the bygone era of Old Tom gins, which flourished amidst the clandestine distilleries of 18th-century London during the notorious 'gin craze.'

In the spirit of innovation, our Honey Gin artfully resurrects the tradition of sweetened gins, replacing sugar with a golden elixir – honey. Crafted on the family bushland of IMD's owner in the pristine landscapes of South Australia's southeast, this honey is a testament to nature's bounty. Extracted after the bluegum flowering season, it remains unaltered, raw from the hive, before making a beeline straight to our distillery.

The botanical symphony that defines our Honey Gin is a careful balance, featuring a robust interplay of juniper and coriander, complemented by subtle herbal notes. Allspice and nutmeg dance on the palate, while a hint of lemon brightens the composition, creating a luxurious sensory experience.

Each sip unveils a rich tapestry of flavors, where the delicate sweetness of honey intertwines with the nuanced botanicals, delivering a distinctive texture that sets this Limited Release apart. Immerse yourself in the heritage of gin-making while embracing the modernity of our craft – Imperial Measures Distilling presents a true masterpiece, born from tradition, crafted for connoisseurs. Cheers to a journey through history, one sip at a time.


700ml Bottle Size. 42% ABV
Product of Adelaide, Australia
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