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  • Ounce Gin ‘Signature’ 700ml 42% ABV


    Ounce Gin ‘Signature’ is a union of 14 mindfully selected botanicals. Orange, Vanilla and Cardamom invigorate a traditional base of Juniper, Coriander Seed and Angelica Root to yield a characterful dry gin. We suggest a ‘G&T’ with a wheel of orange, an ‘Army & Navy’ or a ‘Negroni’ made with our Ruby Bitter

  • Ounce Gin ‘Bold’ 700ml 47% ABV


    Herbal, savoury and harmonious, Ounce Gin ‘Bold’ is a rich and intriguing gin to be savoured with gusto, Pronounced Juniper leads to a chorus of 13 botanicals including Sage, Thyme, Black Cardamom and Pepper. We suggest Soda or Tonic with a Green Olive, a ‘Martini’ or Neat for the Bold

  • Ruby Bitter ‘Aperitif’ 700ml 25% ABV


    Ruby Bitter is our take on an Amaro. Consisting of 12 interwoven botanicals creating a complex bitter-sweet balance. Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gentian, Rhubarb and Ginseng harmonise to offer an earthy citrus-driven palate. Ideal as an aperitif or digestif, we suggest a ‘Negroni’ an Americano or a ‘Sommelier’s Breakfast’.

  • Cerise Liqueur ‘Batch 002’ 700ml 34% ABV


    Cerise is a cherry liqueur created with Sweetheart cherries from Montecute in the Adelaide Hills. This variety is perfect for retaining rich, velvety, complex cherry notes.  Delicious over ice with a splash of soda, or enjoy as you please.

  • Mandeaux Liqueur ‘Batch 003’ 700ml 40% ABV


    Mandeaux Liqueur is a french style made from Imperial Mandarins sourced from our neighbours and friends around the distillery in Thebarton. It’s delicious straight from the freezer but a few cubes of quality ice and a splash of soda is also a great option. Replace your orange liqueur with Mandeaux for an excellent twist on cocktails such as the Margarita or the White Lady. Cheers

  • SV Sweet Vermouth


    Introducing our single vintage, single vineyard, sous vide, sweet vermouth. A collaboration with Guthrie Wines and Sommelier Extraordinaire Duncan Vent, SV is a rich, ripe and delicious aperitif or cocktail addition. Serve chilled, with soda or neat, or combine with Ounce Gin ‘Signature’ and Ruby Bitter for the best Negroni you have ever tasted.