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Presale Ounce Whisky - Oloroso Port Muscat - Batch No.1

Imperial Measures Distilling

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Ounce Whisky - Oloroso Port Muscat - Batch No.1

We at Imperial Measures Distilling are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our esteemed line-up of spirits: Ounce Whisky, an Australian Single Malt crafted with precision and care. This exceptional whisky, aged in a blend of Oloroso, Port, and Muscat casks, presents a unique and balanced profile that we are incredibly proud of.

Tasting Notes

Our Australian Single Malt Whisky offers a rich and complex flavour experience while retaining the malt-forward character of the base spirit. The integration of flavours begins with the robust and nutty notes from the Oloroso casks, contributing dried orchard fruit, nuts, cacao, and roasted coffee. This is beautifully balanced by the Port casks, which add a subtle sweetness with hints of dark, soft red berries, sultanas, raisins, and dates. The Muscat casks complete the profile with an element of dried figs and a honeyed sweetness, resulting in a lengthy, elegant, and satisfying finish.

Production Details

Source of Barley: We source our barley locally from South Australia, renowned for producing high-quality barley. The grain is known for its plump and bright kernels, making it ideal for malting and whisky production.
Malting Process: The barley is expertly malted by Coopers Malting, also located in South Australia, ensuring the highest quality malt for our whisky.
Distillation Process: Our whisky is traditionally double pot distilled with a limited addition of feints to express the purity of the malt profile. Each step of the distillation process is meticulously controlled to preserve the quality of the spirit.

Aging Process

Cooperage: The barrels used for aging are coopered by Master Cooper Andrew Young of Andrew Young Cooperage, ensuring the highest quality wood and craftsmanship.
Cask Aging: The whisky is initially aged in Oloroso, Port, and Muscat barrels to impart a rich and layered flavour profile. After this initial aging, the whisky is transferred to 'dead' ex-whisky oak barrels to develop further complexity.
Blending and Resting: After aging, the whisky is blended and then further rested in stainless steel tanks to ensure full integration of the components.

Flavour Profile

Additional Notes: Alongside the primary flavours, you might detect hints of vanilla, toffee, raisins, dates, and a slight earthy char.
Balance: The flavours are well-balanced, with the sweetness from the casks harmonising with the malt-forward base spirit and a balanced oak influence.

Suggested Serves

Our Single Malt Whisky can be enjoyed in a variety of ways:

Neat: Savor it on its own to fully appreciate its complex flavours.
With a Dash of Water: Add a few drops of water to open up the whisky's aromas and flavours.
On the Rocks: Pour over ice to enhance its finish.
Cocktails: Ounce Whisky makes for an incredibly unctuous and luxurious Old Fashioned. It also pairs well in other whisky-based cocktails, adding depth and richness.

Food Pairings

Fried Chicken: The whisky's complex flavours complement the rich and savoury notes of fried chicken very well.
Other Pairings: Consider pairing with rich, savoury dishes like roasted duck, blue cheese, or dark chocolate desserts to complement the whisky's flavours.


Pre-Release Industry Feedback and Review

Graham Wright
The Odd Whisky Coy
Spier & Wright Whisky Merchants

"Sampling this new malt leaves me with the distinct impression that Australian whisky makers are starting to grow up. They are now starting to think of suppleness and subtlety with a deft handling of oak. Which means the malt and bright spirit just shine. Congratulations IMD on your first release.

Ian Schmidt
Tin Shed Distilling Co

"IMD's Ounce Single Malt Whisky

I have been aware of IMD's foray into whisky making since its inception and have followed it with interest. I have been keen to see what sort of mess a gin distiller would make of a single malt. Fortunately, I can report that I am pleasantly surprised. Rather than just filling a small, ex-fortified cask with spirit, cooking it for 24 months, and declaring it cooked, Danby has given the project the attention it deserves.

The skills he honed blending gin would appear to work just as well with Gin's suntanned cousin, Whisky. This dram is rich, luxurious and heavy with flavour borrowed from the casks. My glass (I was only allowed one!) thrilled and enthralled me for a full half hour, ever-changing, always interesting, entertaining and rewarding with each pass on the nose and palate.

It is really rather good, for a gin maker!"

Gareth Andrews
Director and founder 
Fleurieu Distillery
“This fine example of an Australian Single Malt Whisky is a credit to Danby and his dedication to creating great spirits. A lovely mouthfeel and a rather pleasing integration of different cask types has created a full flavoured and delicious Whisky that is sure to satisfy any aficionado. Ange and I will certainly be enjoying a dram or two on its release."

Dan Woolley
Director and founder
Highwayman Whisky

I’ve known the lads from Imperial Measures for quite a few years now and as most of my friends know I’m not a fan of gin! I have, however, been lucky enough to see, smell and taste their whisky maturing, developing and coming together over the past few years in different casks, vats and formats. Danby has done really well in crafting something unique that still carries a distinct Australian note and separates them from the rest of the pack. Decent age has given it maturity without being overly tannic or cask-driven. Such a pleasure to see another great whisky enter the history books of the ever-growing library of the  Australian whisky industry.

Limited Availability

- Production Pause: This whisky project began during the start of the COVID pandemic and paused due to its impacts. The project has yet to be reinstated, so no batch two is currently in production.


Design: The packaging incorporates a very tactile and special label, and the bottle comes in a luxurious velvet bag, adding to its premium nature.
Bottle Size and ABV: The decision to bottle the whisky at 49.3% ABV was based on extensive trials, finding this strength most conducive to expressing the whisky's full profile. The Whisky is bottled in 700ml format. 

About Imperial Measures Distilling

Celebrating our 10th birthday, we at Imperial Measures Distilling have been crafting exemplary spirits with a focus on quality. Ounce Whisky is inspired by our love for whisky and our dedication to meticulous craftsmanship, aiming to create a spirit that reflects our passion and expertise.

700ml Bottle Size. 49.3% ABV
Product of Adelaide, Australia
Standard & Express Delivery Dispatched from Imperial Measures Distilling in Early August.

*Due to limited availability, this product can not be purchased using any discount codes. 

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