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Mandeaux & Clementina Pack

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Mandeaux & San Pellegrino ‘Clementina’ Pack:

  • 1 X 700ml Mandeaux Liqueur
  • 4 X San Pellegrino ‘Clementina’ 330ml Cans

Combine the unforgettable taste of Mandeaux & San Pellegrino ‘Clementina’ that will satisfy your quench for thirst. A delicious french style mandarin liqueur made from imperial mandarins sourced from our local neighbours and friends in the riverland combined with San Pellegrino orange and mandarin sparkling water ‘Clementina’. 

Mandeaux & San Pellegrino ‘Clementina’ is simple to make at home, all you need to do is pour:

  • 30ml Mandeaux Liqueur
  • 100ml San Pellegrino ‘Clementina’
  • Garnish with a slice of orange & dill