Signature Gin

Released in 2015, our flagship spirit, Ounce Gin ‘Signature’, is a union of 14 mindfully selected botanicals. Orange, Vanilla and Cardamom invigorate a traditional base of Juniper, Coriander Seed and Angelica Root to yield a characterful dry gin. 'Signature' was created with the ubiquitous 'G&T' in mind, carefully created to be enjoyed with the final product in mind, easily replicable in other venues and at home!

Our favourite serve for this G&T is with Mediterranian tonic and a fresh slice of orange.


Bold Gin

'Bold' was created to showcase the other end of the spectrum of what gin can represent. Traditional herb and savoury profile with juniper at the fore, fortified with a heavy whack of coriander seed, angelica, orris and licorice root. Traditional base provides a beautiful structural foundation, with an aromatic and rich herbal lift of sage and thyme, and a weighty spice drive through black pepper and cardamom.

A gin-drinkers gin and designed with Martinis in mind. We recommend serving the G&T with Indian tonic and three green olives (or lemon and thyme).


Ruby Bitter Aperitif

Making an amaro to replace Campari in a Negroni was always a plan from the inception of IMD. Bartenders by background, we loved the Negroni and inspired by the idea of being able to recreate such a complex ingredient. Amaro is one of our favourite categories with super complex profiles and impressive length always demanding attention. Citrus base of ruby red grapefruit and balanced with a substantial punch of gentian root along with rhubarb, angelica, rose, hibiscus, and beetroot for incredible depth. Roller coaster flavour profile that will stay with you long after your first sip.

Try in a Negroni, with soda or spiced orange ginger ale and a slice of fresh orange.


Mandeaux Liqueur

Created to fill in for Cointreau as something a little more, but also a little more intriguing. Equal in terms of specifications but not flavour. Same level of alcohol, same sugar content, and citrus base, with clean spirit distilled French liqueur style product. The difference is we pick the mandarins fresh from within 1km of the distillery, peel them, and put them straight into the alcohol to macerate. This allows us to retain all those beautiful fresh essential oils which translates to the recreation of ripping open a fresh mandarin when you put your nose in the glass.

Best enjoyed with soda and a fresh slice of orange (or mandarin!)


Cerise Liqueur

Made with Sweetheart cherries from Montecute in the Adelaide Hills, 'Cerise' is a rich French style liqueur. Whole fruit is macerated in alcohol for over a week, before being basket pressed for a velvety, complex liqueur which encompasses the spirit of Christmas. Boasting the full flavour of ripe cherries, hints of almond, and a warmth that can't be matched; 'Cerise' is simplicity at it's best.

We love to drink ours with soda and a slice of lemon, or on the rocks.