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Welcome to Ounce Bar

Our Offerings

Ounce Bar operates as a Small Bar and Tasting Room between Wednesday and Sunday. Opening hours are 12pm-5pm with Fridays being open until 9pm. 

Drinks & Cocktails

One of our specialties is our Tailored Cocktail offering along with our Signature Serves of both G&Ts and Cocktails. 

G&Ts are $10 and Cocktails are $20 


We offer guided tastings of our range of spirits and liqueurs starting at $5 per product per head. For groups over 7 people, we suggest a description rather than a full tasting as this is much more efficient for those who are thirsty. Those more intrigued by the delicacies can then indulge in a guided tasting afterwards.   

Wine & Beer

We have a limited offering of local and international wines and one local tap beer

Event Enquiries


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