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Welcome to Ounce Bar

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Our Offerings

Ounce Bar operates as a Small Cocktail Bar and Cellar Door between Thursday and Sunday.   On Wednesday’s it is open only as a Cellar Door.

Opening Hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday closed
Wednesday 12pm – 5pm bottle sales only
Thursday 3pm – 9pm
Friday 3pm – 11pm
Saturday 12pm – 11pm
Sunday 12pm – 9pm


Ounce Bar offers signature serves based on the products of Imperial Measures Distilling.  Our Bartenders also specialise in cocktails classic, contemporary, and bespoke.  To round out our offering we also have a handful of premium wines from local small producers, and a rolling keg of SA craft beer on tap.

G&Ts and other core range serves start at $10, with cocktails ranging from $15 to $25.


Ounce Bar also operates as a cellar door during the week, and we can offer guided tastings starting at $15 per head. These are strictly by appointment only before 4.30pm, Thursday through Sunday, and cap at groups of 10. Each tasting takes approximately 20-30 minutes. For those interested in our products later in the day our Bartenders can run you through a description of what we do so we can get a drink in the hands of the thirsty more efficiently!


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